I don’t believe that they’re is a grey bearded old man who started and directed this universe.
We are derived and live i something wonderful and eternal with a conscience, however. I think the power and eternity comes from the physical laws of the universe. I believe that the conscience comes from us.
It leaves me with pretty much the same beliefs as if I believed in a traditional God.
For example the move from simple atoms to a being that can think and dream and invent is miraculous even without a God. (See the video below)
It’s not just a simple act of random - or required so many specific circumstances to occur that it supports only two hypotheses: 1: that there is a designer or 2: that we live in a universe of such immense potential that the highly unlikely becomes possible. For me I have chosen hypothesis 2:
For me it suits. It means that I believe life to be a miracle but one that is fragile - it is an unsponsored miracle. When we mess it up nothing will bail us out. A spiritual explanation that does not require belief in God